Forum Thread: How to Condition Your Knuckles to Punch HARDER

Conditioned hands are important to any martial arts fighter. Here are 3 basic tips on how to condition your hands for Wing Chun. You will need a Wing Chun wallbag to practice these techniques.

(1) The first conditioning technique requires you to focus on forming a good Wing Chun fist by slowly squeezing all the air from from your hand. This is an important first step as it develops a quick reflexes to close your hands in self defence, this is very important for Wing Chun. You must start with this technique.

(2) Once you have developed the ability to close your fist quickly forming a correct Wing Chun technique, then you must develop some weight and intention behind this technique. The punch in Wing Chun requires some weight (heaviness) when hitting a person in self defence so this is an important technique to practice.

(3) The final stage of conditioning your hands for Wing Chun training should involve practising the Wing Chun chain punch making sure that you form a proper fist and and technique when striking the wallbag with multiple Wing Chun punches.

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