How To: Activate pain with pressure points on the body

Activate pain with pressure points on the body

Glen Levy teaches you some pressure points in this martial arts video tutorial. The human body just takes a little pressure to bring somebody down to their knees. By learning how to properly apply these pressure points, you'll be the person nobody wants to fight.

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nice but i think its a little bit fuzzy on the picture
other than that great tech.

Ba ba ba my favorite is Ba BA bABABABABABABababaBABABABA

Loaf feels bad for da test dummy man.

one problem you do not chock people because its too easy to safe from chocks

Wow, they're not over exaggerating at all! :>

great job you did dude

nic want sme more trics

This is amazing. All twelve year old girls need to know this! It will keep the octopuses off them. Hee hee.

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