How To: Take Your Opponent Down with Pressure Points

Take Your Opponent Down with Pressure Points

In this martial arts video tutorial, an instructor teaches you some of the pressure points on the human body. With these pressure points, you can take your opponent down without seriously injuring him, or by seriously injuring him. This is a great skill to have when you get into a fight.

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Loaf still feels bad for test dummy man

very impressive

Some, if not most, real fighters like pain. And, they are conditioned in training for adapting to pain. This is useful for a bar situation where you don't want to get sweaty fighting a drunk.

I am finding these videos and information very helpful. Drunks are found at many social functions and sometimes they want to "kiss all the girls."

Or other such nonsense. Talking to them when they are inebriated is useless. Momentarily disabling them and acquiring time to move away from them is a great move.

I also feel safer when shopping, going to a movie, traveling or even standing in line.

All females should be taught these moves in public school at the same time they are shown the menstruating videos. Teaching females easy self defence would benefit women and society as a whole.

To foster a safer, sane society we should make it a mandate to empower our females with tools such as these.

A wife who can disable a drunken violent husband could save herself from physical injury, brain trauma, blindness, having to miss work, etc.

Lest we forget, some teenage girls can be violent bullies as well. Some have even killed other teenagers.
Only good can come from empowering females.
Mandatory female self defence.
Yes. There is a political platform I would support.
All the way.
Think about it.
Your daughter being able to be safe at university or at work.
While traveling.
At parties.
Seems stupid not to support this idea.
The lower on the social totem pole they are, the more they need this knowledge.
Well, maybe it's just me that thinks this way.

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