Forum Thread: How to Fight Off Ground & Pound Attacks

This week we look at how to defend against punches to your face when you've been thrown to the ground. We cover a few key BJJ concepts on how to fight off your back in self defence. These ideas are taken from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's (BJJ) well know and tested Self Defence training, but these ideas are universal and will help anyone defend themselves on the ground. We also examine why you should not use Wing Chun techniques, but stick too simple concepts taken from BJJ but also tested in MMA.

The first part of the video introduces the idea of making space by creating barriers for your self defence. We discuss the feet as the first line of defence, followed by the knees and then hands. It is important to fight on the ground with these concepts in mind.

Part two of the video introduces the idea of the 'Sling Shot', where you use the retreat of your attacker against them to make space to stand up. Since the ultimate goal is to stand up when you've been thrown to the ground. Then you have to make space to do so. We use the up kick to the face of the attacker to force him to pull away, and then only then do we use a technical stand up technique taken from BJJ.

The last part to the video examines why you do not use Wing Chun hand techniques in ground fighting. Simply because these ideas were not designed or intended for ground fighting, but also they extend your arms too far away from the body. Extending your arms away leaves them vulnerable for arm locks.

We have lots more videos on how to fight with Wing Chun. Please visit our channel. Better yet feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion of what you would like us to film for you. It does not have to be about Wing Chun it can be about any subject related to fighting, how to fight, Wing Chun techniques, or even Wing Chun vs other styles of martial arts. We are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience free of charge.

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