Forum Thread: How to Learn Five Animal Kung Fu, Ng Ying Kungfu

To learn the art of Five Animal Kung Fu you need to start the training step by step. Five Animal Kung Fu in Chinese: Ng Ying Kungfu or Ng Ying Kuen was brought out to the public in 1993 by grandmaster Christopher Fournier. The art is a traditional southern Chinese form of martial arts with many subjects. These Animals, are the main ones in the system: Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake and the Dragon. The art consists of: Forms, Selfdefense with resisting partners, Weapons, Semi and Full Contact Sparring, Groundfighting and more.

In the above video you see Five Animal Kung Fu master sifu Patrick van Steen from city of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. This step by step guide is brought to you by grandmaster Patrick van Steen.

Martial Arts - Five Animal Kung Fu - Ng Ying Kungfu

A Martial Arts Guide for Five Animal Kung Fu

Below a step by step guide to learn the art of Five Animal Kung Fu from zero.

Step 1: Start with Conditioning, Flexibility and Basic Stances of Ng Ying Kungfu

Start running, do jumping, do push ups, do flexibility exercises in different variations. A good base health and stamina is very important within the art of Ng Ying Kungfu.

Learn the first stances Sei Ping Ma, Ji Ng Ma, Kei Lun Bo, Diu Ma, Sieh Ma.

The stances is something you have to practise daily and try to keep a straight back. The stances are the foundation of the art, practise them often.

Step 2: Learn the First Form, Nine Tigers or Gau Fu Kuen

The first traditional form is Gau Fu Kuen meaning Nine Tigers Fist. The legend of the Nine Tigers from the Ng Ying Kungfu tradition goes that there were nine warriors with the Spirit of the Tiger. Good and strong Ng Ying Kuen fighters who have protected the Emperor and other high class noble humans.

The Five Animal Kung Fu form Nine Tigers is about stances, fast punches, short and long blocks and explosive movements.

Step 3: Learn Lú Si Kuen, the Black Master Form

This second form is also known as The Master Form or Lú Si Kuen. Many basic stances, kicks and footwork is what this forms learns you. The form Lú Si Kuen or Black Master form long, very traditional and has many repetitions.

You must learn Lú Si Kuen to get a good foundation in Five Animal Kung Fu. The techniques in the form are very important for foundational purposes. You learn the essence of Ng Ying Kungfu this way.

Step 4: Start Ng Ying Qin Na: Selfdefense Techniques with Partner

Five Animal Kung Fu Qin Na is the selfdefense aspect with resisting partner. What do you do if someone attacks you with a fist, grab, kick, knife, pistol and more. This is very important. The Five Animals will have to live in your movements make them effective and direct.

After you practise to defend against one attacker, multiple attacker scenarios also have to be practised. But later not right away.

Step 5: Practise Sparring and Real Fighting

Sparring and fighting are mandatory for learning how to fight. If you want to learn how to fight, you must practise fighting a lot. Because it is the best way to develop insights in a fight and learns you to react on your opponent in a free-fight situation.

In Conclusion

We follow the traditional art of Five Animal Kung Fu according the sijou Christopher Fournier lineage. Five Animal Kung Fu, Ng Ying Kungfu, Ng Ying Kuen is a combat system which essence is: be effective.

Most important is: find a good instructor who guides you on your martial arts journey.

Sifu Patrick van Steen
Ng Ying Kung Fu Holland

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