Forum Thread: How to Defend Yourself When Jumped from Behind

How to fight with Wing Chun when you are attacked from behind depends on two key factors. Firstly, that you step in the right way and direction. Most importantly, that you can see what's happening behind you. Wing Chun has the techniques, but how to fight in this type of attack requires that you think and move quickly. In this video we look at two basic ideas for a self defence application when someone attacks you from behind.

Of course you can't fight to defend yourself if you can't see the punch in the first place. So how to fight when someone attacks you depends on your ability to see what's happening behind you. Realistically, you will get punched if someone runs up and punches you from behind without any warning. In this video we look at how to move if your attacker pushes you before the attack. This gives you some chance to fight back.

Stage 1. Footwork is key. You must move well and effectively. So this part of the video looks at the idea of how to turn to face behind you in a fight. Here at the London Wing Chun Academy we teach a method of stepping across the centreline in order to move your body to the outside gate of the attacker. This essentially takes you away from the other more dangerous attacking arm.

Stage 2. You must be able to look behind you. In this part of the video we look at how to move your head so that you can see the attacker behind you. How to fight depends on what you can see, so you must look behind you in the correct way otherwise you will get punched in the face or the back of the head.

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