Forum Thread: How to Defend Yourself When Pushed Against a Wall

How to fight someone stronger than you when you are pushed against a wall. This video covers some simple ideas of how to fight when you are trapped and can't run away. These are some simple ideas to teach you how to fight a bigger or stronger person with some very simple beginners Wing Chun techniques used for self defence. This is everything you need to know for self defence in a street fight especially when your back is stuck against the wall.

Having your back against the wall is dangerous enough; the risks to your personal safety are high. There is a likelihood of hitting the back of your head against the wall. In this week's video we discuss what mistakes to avoid, and how to turn the tables on a stronger attacker using some basic ideas from Wing Chun. Martial Arts is a great thing to learn to defend yourself.

Step 1. Requires you to gain control of the pushing arm. You must hold the attackers arm and turn away from the pressure. Simple Wing Chun techniques for self defence to every beginner.

Step 2. Once you have loosened the arm against your chest, you must keep hold of it to prevent your attacker from using it again. In fact, keeping hold of it will allow you to control your attacker more effectively. In this situation, you simply have to keep hold of the arm against your chest, while punching with your other arm (see the second segment of the video).

Step 3. You must reverse the position. Self defence is about personal safety and quick thinking. So step away from the wall, making sure that you press the attacker back against the wall. Use your Wing Chun techniques to great effect.

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