How To: Apply a Joint Lock Like a Master

Apply a Joint Lock Like a Master

By Zech Browning Shihan of Gyodokan Martial Arts.

Step 1: "Storm Within the Calm - Putting It All Together - Part 1"

Hello, my name is Zech Browning Sr. Shihan of Gyodokan Martial Arts. I have been teaching Martial Applications for many years.

This video offers principles needed to understand how to make a locking technique look easy with principles often misunderstood or overlooked in joint locking applications.

I created this "how-to" video, to offer insight for students of the Martial Arts that utilize joint locking techniques. The content is above average understanding, so if you are fairly new to the arts some of the concepts may be foreign to you, but if you apply pieces of the instruction individually to your techniques, eventually it will all come together and increase your application greatly. The video is titles "Storm Within the Calm - Putting All Together Part 1"

I have offered instruction in the Mid-West to Martial Artists in various location.

I also have worked for Texas A&M University (TEEX) overseas (United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi) training the CNIA (Critical National Infrastructure Authority), Abu Dhabi Police, and UAE Army as the Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor in their Police and Security training academy. I also have offered instruction for local law enforcement, and currently am a Training Officer in a Law Enforcement capacity.

Step 2: "Storm Within the Calm - Putting It All Together - Part 2"

A complex lock offered to attempt utilizing the principles detailed in "Part 1"

The second portion of the video, offers another lock, of which the principles discussed in great detail in the first video "Storm Within the Calm - Putting it all Together Part 1" can be applied in this second submission, "Storm Within the Calm - Putting it all Together Part 2". The lock that I perform within the second video is a complex skill, meaning that when you are put under stress you must perform more than three steps for the technique to be effective, however; if you apply the principles from Part 1, the lock will become easier and easier each time you perform it.

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