How To: Do the jiu jitsu switch back sweep

Do the jiu jitsu switch back sweep

This video tutorial gives you step by step instructions on how to perform a switch back sweep.

• From the guard position, grab opponents wrist firmly with both hands.
• Pull opponents wrist in opposite direction across your body and at the same time swivel hips to the side of opponents arm that you have grabbed.
• Keeping your grasp on the wrist with opposite hand, and letting the other hand go, wrap opponents arm around their neck and grab opponents wrist behind their neck with your free hand. Remember to keep a firm grip on the wrist.
• Now take your free hand (the opposite hand) and reach down and grab opponents leg on same side.
• At the same time, pull opponents wrist and leg, flipping them over and gaining the top position.

This is how you perform a switch back sweep.

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