How to Do a Krav Maga choke with a push defense

This how-to video demonstrates Krav Maga Worldwide Sherman Oaks 3rd degree Dave Bluestein teaching defense against a basic choke from the front with a push. Follow along and improve your Krava Maga skills or just learn how to defend yourself from an attack. Watch this video martial arts tutorial and learn how to execute the Krav Maga choke with a push defense.


i've done this and it works nice under pressure!

Excellent, real self defense from a reputable source. This would actually work under pressure due to proper body mechanics and stance. I like the strong counter offense: attacking and hurting the attacker is the only reliable way to stop a determined individual with bad intentions. When the enemy makes war on you don't go talking about moderation or peace but retaliate in kind. Evil men deserve to be hurt and punished. KM is indeed at the cutting edge of real SD.

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