How To: Tie your belt properly in martial arts

Tie your belt properly in martial arts

This video shows how to tie a karate belt. Take a double wrap belt, place the middle of it on your belly button and pull it around on to the back and cross the belt on the back. Take the layer on the bottom and tuck it underneath the top layer all the way around to the front side. Thus you can get a single layer of the belt on the back. In the front there are two layers-one coming up from the bottom and the second one is the top layer. Take the top layer and push it up from underneath the belt. Pull the belt and tighten it as you like. Take the top part of the belt, lay it over the bottom part. Put your hand inside the hole it creates and grab the piece that's in the top. Pull it through the hole and tighten your knot. Now you have a proper karate belt knot!

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