How To: Subdue your enemy in 4 seconds using tai chi technique

Subdue your enemy in 4 seconds using tai chi technique

This how-to video proves tai chi isn't just for old people in the park. You can learn how to subdue your enemy in four seconds from a tai chi master. There is a pressure point on the neck that you can press that will render your enemy unconscious. Watch this instructional martial arts video and learn how to subdue an enemy with tai chi skills.

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I guess the "attacker" slapping his leg is his way of signaling "OW! You're f***ing hurting me!!"

Perfect. Great detail

the attacker is a big girl tapping all time

Is That DrYang?????? is there Chin Na Videos???

Wow the attacker is totally a pussy


i feel pity 4 the attacker

yes it is DR yang. This would mostly be classified as Tai Chi Chin Na. it is good stuff

Excellent video. How do memebrs save interesting videos? Does wonder how they do thay have playlist. or save to favorites? if so how are they saved any of videos of interest?

ouch ouch! poor guy in black, he is in so much pain!

He try that on me an Ima knock him out. Foo needs to go back to Japan with all that. Come at me like that, i'll knock him out and take his wallet.



faadu hai......

Exellent tutorial - very sound technique. I´m a fith Dan Kita Matsu Ryu Ju-jutsu teacher myself, and we use similar but not quite identical techniques.

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