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How To: Break a choke hold

This martial arts video is for those of you who are not able to use the pressure point way to break a choke hold. I am doing this in slow motion to allow you to see what I am doing. Once you have the moves, do them faster and they will work for you.

How To: Use ni-cho tan-bo

This video series explains how to use ni-cho and tan-bo (wooden weapons that are usually sticks). See how to do a side to side strike, a follow-up figure eight, and then how to practice with a partner.

How To: Perform kama kata

This video breaks down the kata, or form, utilizing the kama, the okinawan sickle. The second video gives an analysis (bunkai) of the kata. An excellent series that makes it easy to learn from.

How To: Fight with a katana sword

In this video series, our expert Tres Tew will teach you about the histoy and different types of katana swords. Tres will then show you how to handle and wear the katan properly before teaching you how to block, strike, and defend with a katana.

How To: Do basic judo techniques

In this how to video series, learn basic Judo techniques from expert Judo martial artist Cesar Lazcano. Cesar will teach you how to stretch for Judo training and why Judo is a successful martial art. He will teach and demonstrate Judo techniques such as the arm bar, the guard position, how to pass the guard position, choking techniques, how to get an opponent in a leg lock, how to avoid a leg lock, and how to do a Judo ankle lock.

How To: Use chopsticks as a weapon

In this video series, watch as Master David Herbert teaches how to use chopsticks as a weapon. Learn the ear strike defense, thrust techniques, groin strike technique, wrist lock strike, ankle choke technique, outside strike defense, inside strike defense, steel chopsticks, choke defense, knife defense with a chopstick and more. Don’t get caught again in a ninja fight in Chinatown without the proper skills. Let the experts at ExpertVillage show you how it’s done!

How To: Use Hapkido weapons

Hapkido practitioners train with a range of weapons including dan bongs, fans, ropes and swords. In this free video, Master David Herbert employs his 36 years of experience to explain and demonstrate a variety of Hapkido weapons. Using a wide range of striking and pinning techniques, Master Herbert shows how to use different weapons in combination with traditional Hapkido tactics for self-defense against an enemy attack. He demonstrates basic tips and techniques for the Hapkido dagger, long s...

How To: Do advanced moves in SAMBO

Stephen R. Koepfer is the President and Co-Founder of the American Sambo Association & teaches at his club, New York Combat Sambo. SAMBO, sometimes called Sombo, is a martial arts program developed in the former Soviet Union in the 1930s. SAMBO is an acronym which roughly translates to “self-defense without a weapon,” and is one of four wrestling styles of amateur competitive wrestling recognized by the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles.

How To: Do Advanced Aikido Rolls

This is an advanced Aikido Ukemi tutorial which explains 11 different exercises seen and unseen. The tutorial includes detailed explanations of how to perform soft high falls from different techniques, various backward rolling tricks and other unseen ukemi variations.

How To: Wrap your hands for Muay Thai boxing

There are many different methods of wrapping ones hands when they are doing Muay Thai boxing. This clear, concise video shows a simiple method that you can try as well before you start your mortal combat. The emphasis on this tecnique puts wrist protection over knuckle protection.