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How To : Learn Taijutsu

Learn a few basic moves and techniques of fighting with Taijutsu. Part 1 of 7 - How to Learn Taijutsu. Part 2 of 7 - How to Learn Taijutsu. Part 3 of 7 - How to Learn Taijutsu. Part 4 of 7 - How to Learn Taijutsu. Part 5 of 7 - How to Learn Taijutsu. Part 6 of 7 - How to ...more

How To : Exercise with a bo staff

This tutorial covers different exercises that you can do with a bo staff. Flexibility and strength are always important when doing martial arts and these exercises should help your training.

How To : Do Aikido moves for beginners

Ronald Gotlin holds five black belts, including a 6th degree black belt in Tomiki Ryu Aikido, and is Past President and Founding Member of the International Aikido Alliance. This series of videos shows beginner moves in aikido. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do Aikido moves for beginne ...more

How To : Take your opponent down with pressure points

In this martial arts video tutorial, Glen Levy teaches you some of the pressure points on the human body. With these pressure points, you can take your opponent down without seriously injuring him, or by seriously injuring him. This is a great skill to have when you get into a ...more

How To : Do the sleeper hold without damaging the throat

This video will teach you how to properly use the sleeper hold in order to subdue an attacker, but not damage their larynx. This is a real way to protect others and yourself. It is meant to help Police Officers from choking people and avoid law suits from performing the wrong ...more

How To : Master basic and advanced Shaolin staff techniques

The art of Meihuaquan Kung Fu is a special form of Shaolin Kung Fu; learn basic and advanced staff and weapon combat techniques in this free Shaolin martial arts video series. Part 1 of 17 - How to Master basic and advanced Shaolin staff techniques. Master basic and advanced S ...more

How To : Perform a hip throw in judo

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to do a hip throw. If right-handed, keep the right foot forward and vice-versa for the left side. Have a strong grip on the opponent's right elbow and start in a hug grip. Then pull the opponent towards you and place your right hand on ...more

How To : Activate pain with pressure points on the body

Glen Levy teaches you some pressure points in this martial arts video tutorial. The human body just takes a little pressure to bring somebody down to their knees. By learning how to properly apply these pressure points, you'll be the person nobody wants to fight.

How To : Scorpion kick someone in the face with Chloe Bruce

You may have come across Chloe Bruce in the past, but we're betting it was on the web, because if it were in person, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. Because in a blink of an eye, she'd have her foot smashed against your face using her world famous Scorpion Kic ...more

How To : Do a judo throw

The Judo throw became one of the most famous judo moves for a reason. Done right, it is a devastating (and very cool looking) maneuver. In this tutorial, Judo Black Belt and BJJ Brown Belt Mark Massey teaches us the Kuzure Osoto Gari (and the more traditional) Osoto Maki Komi ...more

How To : Select a tonfa

This tutorial explains the history of tonfa and helps you get started by choosing the right one. Tonfa are Okinawan weapons.

How To : Do the superman punch

In this tutorial, we learn how to do the superman punch. This is nothing more than a jump and a punch and is used for form fighting. First, get into stance, then bring your knee up to the front of your body. When it is at the highest point, push the leg behind you, then bring ...more

How To : Do Shaolin Kung Fu forms

In these martial arts training videos, learn about a particularly deadly form of Chinese gong fu called the tai mantis, or praying mantis, fighting style. Our expert will lead you in some of the more advanced moves and forms, including the spear hand, the triple pluck, the man ...more

How To : Do Hapkido techniques

Master Rafael Negron, 6th DAN Master Instructor, and Jessica Sherlock, 2nd Degree blackbelt. Hapkido is an eclectic Korean martial art that is literally translated as “the way of coordinating energy” or “the way of coordinated power.” Hapkido is ultimately used as self-defense ...more

How To : Do basic karate for kids

This martial arts video demonstrates basic karate techniques for kids and beginners. No one should attempt to try these techniques without being trained and supervised by a qualified karate instructor.

How To : Do basic techniques of Jeet Kune Do

In these martial arts training videos, learn the basic principles behind Jeet Kune Do, using no way as way, and having no limitation as limitation. Our teacher will guide you in some beginning movements and techniques, including how to do a simple ready stance and how to combi ...more

How To : Execute basic tonfa moves

In this tutorial you will learn the basic theory of tonfa and how to execute basic techniques. Safety is important so always start by checking your weapons for cracks and splinters.

How To : Perform tonfa kata

This is the full form, or kata, for the tonfa, which means you should already have practice with the hojo-undo, or basic moves.

How To : Tie a karate belt tightly and safely onto a child

In this how-to video, Mark Denino will show you how to tie a karate belt tightly and safely onto a child. Have the child kneel down for you to tie the belt on. Unfold the belt and hold the middle. Place that section around the belly and wrap the ends around. Cross the ends ove ...more

How To : Master kung fu kicking techniques

Kicking is an important component of kung fu and Chinese martial arts. Learn some kicking tips and expand your arsenal from a martial arts expert in this free video series. Part 1 of 11 - How to Master kung fu kicking techniques. Master kung fu kicking techniques - Part 2 of 1 ...more

How To : Do advanced kyokushin karate techniques

Learn how to teach yourself advanced Kyokushin karate techniques, in this martial arts training video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do advanced kyokushin karate techniques. Do advanced kyokushin karate techniques - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvilla ...more

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